Based on more than a decade of quantitative research,
we provide a risk-managed systematic strategy for capital growth.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The potential for profit is accompanied by the risk of loss.

Hans J Crosby – Founder & President

Hans J Crosby is the Founder and President of CROSBY Capital.  Mr. Crosby holds a M.S. Finance from Drexel University, a JD (Law Degree) from Villanova Law School and a B.S. Biology from VA Tech.  While a practicing patent and trademark attorney, Mr. Crosby began researching systematic and quantitative trading strategies in 2006.  As a result of his research, Mr. Crosby began trading his own futures account in 2008.  Mr. Crosby oversees the operations and trading of Crosby Capital.

CROSBY Capital

CROSBY Capital was formed to provide non-discretionary systematic trading strategies that are based on quantitative research.  As a result of such research, we provide clients with a diversified, systematic trend-following program that we believe in the long run are superior to discretionary strategies.  Our strategies provide returns that are non-correlated with traditional investing strategies, while also focusing on risk management. 

We believe that our interests should be aligned with those of our clients.  As such, we do not charge a management fee and our funds are invested in the same strategy as our clients. 

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